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paver sealing

If you are interested in doing Paver Sealing in Wesley Chapel, or paver sealing in Lutz, Paver Sealing in Zephyrhills, or anywhere in the Tampa region... Learn more here about our Paver Sealing service! 

Benefits of Paver Sealing

  •  Prevents surface mold

  • Prevents discoloration and aggregate from constant sun & weather conditions (worn-down pavers).

  • Provides color restoration pavers/bricks/concrete

  • Beautiful appearance when finished with semi-gloss finish.

Paver Sealcoating Process

  1. Prime Sealcoating technicians arrive with pressure cleaner and surface cleaner.  Then maticulously clean the surface area.  If there is heavy mold in between joints of the pavers - a rotary tip will be used to remove all the mold.

  2. Throughout the process, we may do some re-sanding, in order to prevent any sinking or shifting in the pavers.

  3. Continue with a complete wash of all surface.

  4. Finish with application of semi-gloss sealer.

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